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Our Team


Our Team

The Beer Nerds Behind the Spoke

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Matt Gibson, Founder, Prud'homme Beer Sommelier

Matt began his career as a commercial litigation lawyer, helping rich people sue other rich people. His love of beer was nothing more than a fun hobby he pursued in his free time. But he wanted more from the world of craft beers he had grown to love. He founded the new-defunct blog and podcast Sounds Like Beer, which explored the stories behind many of the province's favourite breweries and beers. He also trained to become a Beer Sommelier, which he assures his friends is totally a real thing. Finally growing weary of his office life, Matt traded in pressed suits for jeans and work shirts and took the plunge into craft beer full-time. Three years later, he is now the Manager of Corporate Sales & Marketing for Nickel Brook Brewing Co., one of the top 10 craft breweries in Ontario. He is a beer educator and public speaker with an extensive knowledge and appreciation for all things craft beer. He has spoken on the industry at the Conference Board of Canada, on TVO's The Agenda with Steve Paikin, and at numerous seminars and workshops. He also teaches Prud'homme Level 1 and trains bar and restaurant staff on proper beer knowledge, service and storage. He is always eager to learn new things about his favourite beverage, and loves nothing more than sharing that knowledge with others. When not working or drinking, Matt can be found listening to his growing record collection or perfecting his sourdough bread technique. Find him at @soundslikebeer on Instagram.

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Sam Campbell, Expert Butcher

Sam set out to become an actor before finding his true passion in food. While training in New York City, Sam began learning the techniques that would come to define his career at Dickson's Farmstand Meats. Practicing whole-animal butchery, Sam gained an appreciation for properly-raised and expertly-prepared sausages, steaks, pork chops and tartars. He eventually left the acting world to focus full-time on his butchery career, expanding his interests to sourdough bread, pickling and preserves, soap-making and charcuterie. He is constantly experimenting in the kitchen and finding new uses for off-cuts and trim that most people would simply throw-out. He recently welcomed his second child, a son, and is looking forward to teaching Dorothy and Mos how to cook. Sam leads our Sausage Making & Beer Pairing workshops, and will be adding more classes in the fall.  Find him at @moodiesmeats and @sageandthistlehandmadegoods on Instagram.